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Intern Sofia's Summer Picks

by Melissa Mroczek 29 Jun 2023

Our summer student intern Sofia (learn more about her here) has picked her favorite NOMAD Wax Co. scents and products and this week she’s sharing them with you!

Ciao! My name is Sofia, I’m currently working at Nomad Wax Co. in Omaha, Nebraska as an intern for a work experience project required by my high school in Munich, Germany. I was born in Milan and grew up on Lake Como, Italy for 10 years of my life before moving to Germany. I speak four languages due to the fact that my family is from all around the world. During my time at Nomad I have learned how to make many products; these are my favorite Nomad scents and products, and why I think they are perfect to use.

Blackout Everywhere Spray

I like Blackout because it is a simple musky scent that is; versatile, works in any environment and is the perfect scent to stash in your bag when you’re on the go and have a long day ahead of you. 


black bottles of Nomad Everywhere Spray on stone tiles


French Laundry Noir Soy Candle + French Laundry Everywhere Spray

French Laundry is perfect if you like a clean, fresh, light lavender scent. It goes great as a house scent in the form of a candle or as a scent to wear as a spray. It's a simple but very fragrant scent that can make you feel free and light through the entirety of the day or night out. 


matte black Nomad French Laundry Noir candle on stone tiles


1977 perfume roll-on

The 1977 perfume roll-on is a great scent to have in your pocket or bag to re-apply throughout the day. This musky scent is simple, elegant and has a great scent to compliment a professional outfit at work or a nice dinner. 


Nomad 1977 roll on perfume oil on shredded wood fiber


Salento Travel Everywhere Spray

Of course, I also love the custom clean fragrance blend I made in the Nomad studio. It’s called Salento, after the region that my father comes from in Italy. Salento has a mixture of scents that I think represent the overall life during the summer in Salento. The rosemary in the spray reminds me of my Nonna’s cooking and it also sparks memories at the beach with my family. Salento also has notes of blood orange, bergamot, amber, sea salt and vetiver. Salento is perfect for traveling as its 2 oz travel size is airport security-friendly and it has a summery scent that is perfect for summer vacations.


Nomad Salento travel spray on background of Adriatic Sea


Shop all of Sofia’s Picks in her curated collection. 

Student Intern Sofia's Favorite Nomad Wax Co products for summer


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