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How to give Valentine's love without being overly mushy or weirdly creepy

by Melissa Mroczek 28 Jan 2019

Valentine's Day can feel like such a chore, can't it? Often fraught with expectation, frequently leaving the un-hitched feeling (needlessly) less-than and just all-around humph. But instead of loading all that emotional garbage into it, around here we choose to use Valentine's Day as just another day to celebrate the special ones in your life. Be it romantic love, a lifelong compatriot, dude friend, gal-pal or your kids - we think it's ok to tell them that they are special to you. (And yes, we also think you should do this on other days throughout the year, apart from manufactured commercial holidays.) Given that approach, we like a little something small to tell the special people how you feel on Valentine's Day. Think someone is lovely? Let 'em know.

Well then, head’s up! Our limited collection candle for that lovely person in your life is now available and shipping! We only have a limited number of these and once they are gone, they’re gone! Don't be the one stuck on the Valentine's Day Titanic, if you know what I mean. Get yours now.

With a lovely sweet-balanced-with-musk scent, they make a great little gift for that lovely person you want to treat this February 14, without all they heavy emotional baggage of flowers or candy or expectation... (I know, right?) And yes, they are suitable for both guys and girls. Come to think of it, they would make a great bridesmaid, wedding attendant, or host couple gift as well. 

Packed in a special edition rose gold travel tin, with a blush heart-shaped label, they look as lovely as they smell. Get you one or two, steel your guts and tell that someone, “hey, I think you are lovely,” without dropping serious emotional bombs. 😉 Valentine's Day doesn't have to be so dang hard.


XOXXX - The NOMAD Home Co. Cupids



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