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10 Best Throw Blankets to Keep You Warm + Snuggly in Winter

by Melissa Mroczek 31 Jan 2019

It's cold at the NOMAD Home Co. world HQ this week so we have layers of snuggly throw blankets on the brain. Today we've done a little roundup of our 10 favorite blankets to keep you warm and toasty this winter--whether you live in a frigid climate or a warmer one. (Full disclosure: I am covered in not one, but TWO, blankets as I type this. Can't. Get. Warm.) Also, I obviously have a hardcore thing for striped blankets. So sue me.

For the Polar Vortex 1/3 of the U.S.

The name of the game for big time warmth is wool, or fleece/sherpa type fabrics. I am partial to wool, because I prefer natural fibers. However, the waffle weave throw by Pottery Barn is a coveted treasure in our home.

1) Pendleton Glacier National Park Blanket - tip, get the Twin size to use it as a throw



2) Fog Pinstripe Merino Lambswool Throw 




3) Textured Merino Wool Throw


source: Klippan Textiles/Fjorn

4) Klippan Knut Brushed Lambswool Throw



5) Waffle Weave Sherpa Throw


For the West Coast + Deep South Folks

Ok, yes, so it doesn't get mind-numbing and toe-freezing cold everywhere. So, for the West Coast and/or Equator-based folks, or anyone else who likes a lighter weight yet still cozy blanket, here are some lighter options.

A thinner cotton blanket or Turkish cotton blanket will keep the chill off without bring the sweat on. I own both of these first two for warmer season use and can vouch by them completely. 

6) Modern Stripe Turkish Cotton Fouta


7) 100% Cotton Vertical Stripe Throw


Fuera Adventure Blanket by The Citizenry

8) Fuera Adventure Blanket


9) Hem Stripe Throw



10) Jess Feury Woven Throw Blanket

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