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March: a month to bloom and grow (2023)

by Melissa Mroczek 28 Feb 2023

As spring approaches in the Northern Hemisphere, our minds and hearts wander to the blooming of trees, plants and flowers and the growth that will take place on our steady march toward lush summer. We break out of our winter shell, letting in cracks of sunlight and warmth. Emerging back outside to walk, play, plant, and eat the days grow longer and the mood lightens for many. Fresh, bright beginnings and a renewed sense of optimism and joy can be seen, felt, breathed in everywhere we go.

In honor of the beginning of spring, BLOOM + GROW is our theme for the month of March. We are thinking about how our mind, body and spirit can bloom and grow this season and prepare us for the long, languid days of summer. We are considering how we can bloom, even after the tragedy, pain and sadness that sometimes comes with living. Enduring the harder moments of life feels much like lasting through a midwestern winter - if you can just get through the darkest, coldest, bitterest parts, a joyous new spring can begin to bud, bloom + grow. We just have to endure the winter.

We are using the idea of renewing habits begun earlier this year to focus on refreshing our homes (spring cleaning + fresh spring scents) our minds (mindful moments + mini-meditations) and our spirits (gratitude journaling and daily sketchbooks) and our bodies (returning to running after a break) and can’t wait to share more about these intentional ideas with you this month. (btw, our spring scents are coming in hotttt, so you'll be breathing in spring, too)


Our business is also blooming + growing again this month, with a return to market events and pop-ups after a much-needed break during the last few weeks of winter. We have new seasonal scents that will arrive on March 15, along with a redesigned + upgraded version of our beloved reusable leather air fresheners. And we CAN'T WAIT to show you our fun new booth designs at upcoming events. Where you can find us blooming this month:

Our VIP order upgrade for March (automatically included in all online orders over $50), is a sumptuous newsprint poster, bursting with blooming florals and inspiring words by Rupi Kaur, and a 5ml sample of our Skin Silk Body Oil. The perfect duo for getting you ready for spring, inside and out! 



Learn more about this lovely artwork below.

Floral poster "Bloom + Grow" by Rebehak Pilypaitis - Nomad Print Series 2023
 Nomad Wax_Bloom+Grow poster-March 2023

The featured poster artist for this lush print is Rebekah Pilypaitis. Rebekah is an Omaha-based artist who has also been an art educator for Omaha Public Schools for 12 years. She went back to school to get her MA in illustration through Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) and will be graduating within the year.  She loves working with many mediums, and often combines pottery with illustration. She is also a photographer and freelance illustrator and recently opened The Pink Platypus Art Studio. Her art themes play with mental health, meditation, motherhood (she is a mom of 2 darling girls), with some political + environmental themes woven in.  Conservation is a topic that is near and dear to her heart—she started a collaboration with Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo a few years ago, where students put on an art show at the zoo (it’s on April 22nd this year) and all the funds are allocated by students to their favorite global conservation organizations. Talk about inspiring! We knew she was the perfect artistic talent to bring our vision for BLOOM + GROW to life.

Nomad Wax Bloom + Grow poster series - Rupi Kaur Milk + Honey poem

Says Rebekah about the BLOOM + GROW piece, “My inspiration was the poetry by Rupi Kaur, it was so beautiful and thinking of the spring and how the stunning blooms of flowers really energize me. The flowers I chose were specifically for their symbolism and meaning:

  • Lilly of the Valley - symbolizes the return of happiness, purity, youth, sincerity and discretion)
  • Morning Glory - symbolizes the fleeting nature of love as well as the way that love and affection can be renewed with each new day. Giving someone a Morning Glory implies that one cares about them and shares an everlasting love, despite life’s challenges.
  • Honeysuckle - Symbolizes pure happiness and can also convey messages of sweetness and affection. Honeysuckle can also represent the flames of love and tenderness for love that has been lost.
  • Baby’s Breath - a symbol of everlasting love
  • Monarch Butterfly - a symbol of growth and transformation, also a species indigenous to Nebraska”
Nomad Wax Bloom + Grow poster series March 2023 - Lilly of the Valley - Morning Glory - Honeysuckle painting

We hope you’ll choose to enjoy our spring scents released this later month - March 15, safe the date - including some BRAND NEW fragrances!!! Or perhaps reorder your tried-and-true favorites like Blackout, White Oak Forest or White Sands and automatically get the VIP order upgrade by spending $50. Set an intention in your own life to BLOOM + GROW this month!

Pro-tip: To remove the creases from your newsprint poster, simply unfold it on a hard surface, flip it over and gently iron the back side with an iron set on low heat. Voila, wrinkle-free and ready for framing or hanging!

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