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6 Best Spring Candles for Your Home (2023)

by Melissa Mroczek 14 Mar 2023

Spring is a time for renewal, fresh starts, growth and energy. Scented spring candles are the perfect way to add this positive energy in your home. Here are our favorite scented candles to help you embrace the fresh start energy of springtime and boost your mood.

For Energy: Basil + Mint

Clean, minty, the VIBE for a marathon spring cleaning session (or if you just want it to smell like you spring-cleaned lolz). Cormint and spearmint top notes and grounded with herbal basil + sage.

For Harmony: Saudade

A subtle nostalgia for past experiences, but with an uplifting top notes of tangy citrus and woody red cedar and a base of warm charcoal and a hint of leather. A spring scent that leans to the masculine side.

For Calm: French Laundry

Soothing french lavender is the base for this herbal, fresh scent. The crisp, light top notes of cucumber and mint will transport you to a leisurely afternoon in the french countryside.

For Creativity: La Mer

An ocean breeze in the early spring, hints of lemon balm and eucalyptus wafting above the watery base of sea salt and fresh palm leaf.

For Positive Vibes: Flower Market

The cleanest, greenest floral that feels like walking into a flower shop or through a blooming botanical garden. Agave, chrysanthemum, fern and a touch of amber are a floral delight!

For Mental + Emotional Cleansing: Lemongrass + Palo Santo

Known as the “smudge in a wick” lemongrass + palo santo is perfect for clearing out mental, emotional and spiritual baggage.


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