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5 ways to celebrate Spring Equinox

by Melissa Mroczek 19 Mar 2023

What is spring equinox?

The spring equinox (or vernal equinox) is March 20 at 4:24 P.M. CDT. This marks the point when the sun sits directly over the Earth's equator as it heads northward. Both hemispheres share the sun's rays equally at the equinox, and night and day are roughly the same length. It is the astronomical start of spring in the Northern Hemisphere.

Why is spring equinox meaningful?

The vernal Spring Equinox is a powerful time to focus your intention on the seeds you want to plant in your life and for shedding layers that no longer serve your dreams. Think of it as a reset button for stepping out of what is not serving you and growing into what you wish for your highest self.

Align with the earth’s rhythm this Spring or Vernal Equinox and welcome in renewal, new beginnings, and awaken the higher vibrational field within – your authentic nature is ready for a reset. When we sync up with the earth, sun and moon’s cycle, we naturally cultivate emotional balance, spiritual recalibration, physical awakening, and mental clarity.

Spring equinox mantra

The spring equinox offers a chance to manifest your deepest desires in this coming year. But you'll need to create the path and remove obstacles standing in the way. Although obstacles may manifest as external problems, it is often emotions or old thought patterns that block your way and hold you back. Align your internal mindset with your desires, to find you truly can achieve anything. The sanskrit mantra below is traditionally chanted to start new endeavors with positive energy and to remove obstacles. Or, try our simple mantra in english if that feels more comfortable. (Hot tip, right click + save the graphic below as your screensaver for your phone, to help you remember to recite the mantra on the vernal equinox!)

Flower background with words Spring Equinox Mantra - I am open to pure possibility

5 ways to celebrate vernal equinox

Plant Seeds or Garden: Gardening is a fantastic ritual to honor the vernal equinox. If it’s warm enough to garden outdoors or prepare your garden for spring planting, enjoy that activity today. If it’s not planting weather yet, then plant seedlings indoors to prepare for the planting season ahead. Sing songs or recite our Spring mantra to your plants while you give them to the earth. Plant food and flowers to brighten up the land! If gardening isn’t your forte (hello, brown thumbs we see you), place fresh flowers in your living space instead; bring on the joy of spring and smell the flowers. Arrange bunches of your favorite flowers or greenery in a central place in your living space where you can see and appreciate them throughout the day. Let the fresh blooms remind you of the new beginnings taking place today and recite our Spring Mantra every time you see them. 

Walk in Nature: Go for a walk outside and fully immerse yourself in nature. If it’s warm enough and practicable, walk barefoot on the earth for a bit. Even if it’s not yet warm where you are, bundle up and get out to breathe in fresh air and take in the sounds and physical sensations of early spring. Leave the airpods at home and be present and for the sights, sounds, smells and feelings around you. Recite our Equinox mantra while you walk or simply enjoy the silence of nature. 

Meditate: Light some cleansing incense or spray a refreshing room spray to prepare for your meditation (we recommend our Lemongrass + Palo Santo scent). Open your meditation today with our Spring Mantra and ask Ganesha to help you shed the limited ways of being and remove obstacles between you and your highest self. If you are able to meditate outside in nature, this is ideal for enhancing your connection with the earth and the abundance of spring. Close your meditation with a blessing of thanks for all abundance and joy in your life. Our favorite meditation blessing:

May you be filled with loving kindness.
May you be well.
May you be peaceful and at ease.
May you be happy.

Here are 3 guided meditation options you can also try:

10 minute guided Spring Equinox meditation 

15 minutes Spring Equinox guided meditation 

30 minute Spring Equinox Yoga Nidra

Journal your dreams: Spend time journaling today about your dreams and what you wish your life would be. Don’t filter your thoughts or wishes, and listen to your heart’s desires. Before you begin, take a deep cleansing belly breath and recite our Spring Mantra to clear your head and put you in an open mindset. Follow with 2-3 more deep cleansing breaths of 3 counts in and 6 counts out and then begin to write or draw your journaling. You can follow deeply into one big dream or go wide and journal on all the things you would like to come to be in your life. Be bold! We are clearing obstacles, making fresh starts, and channeling the powerful Aries go-gettter energy of vernal equinox, so don’t be shy!

Nourish with healing foods: Make a Spring Equinox meal focused on foods that symbolize fertility and the hope of future abundance. Try a salad of early spring greens like spinach and dandelion greens, garnished with roasted asparagus, carrots, beets and eggs paired with Potato Leek Soup or Asparagus Salad with Peas & dijon dressing  paired with Vegetable Quiche

However you choose to welcome spring and honor the vernal equinox, remember that this is really a way to honor yourself. This is a sacred time to commune with your spirit and to honor your personal journey towards new beginnings, abundance, and creativity. We like to associate a special fragrance with rituals marking new beginnings, so that every time you smell that scent, it will remind you of the intention you set and help you refocus toward your desires (Lemongrass + Palo Santo, Wildflower + Grass or Basil + Mint are three of our favorites). Namaste. 


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