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A spring clean home in 7 days or less

by Melissa Mroczek 28 Mar 2023

Spring Cleaning for busy people

We are sharing our spring cleaning shortcuts, because let’s face it - we are all so dang busy. The luxury to spend a whole day (or several days) cleaning your home from top to bottom is not something that most of us have. So we’ve devised a checklist to get you there using the time you DO have, one room at a time. Using our Spring Cleaning checklist, you can deep clean your whole home in less than 7 days. If you only have an hour, tackle a small space like the linen closet or pantry. Got more time? A kitchen deep spring clean is achievable in a couple of hours. Tackle a room each day (consecutive or not) and get your whole home cleaner, fresher and feeling lighter. Perfect to set the positive vibe for warmer, sunnier weather.  

Our favorite Spring Cleaning shortcuts 

Remove Your Shoes

You can reduce 60% of dirt and toxins in your home just by removing your shoes either before you enter or just inside the door in a mudroom or entryway landing spot. 

Most household dirt, pesticides, and other toxins ride into your home on your shoes. Having a shoe-free home will both decrease these nasty toxins and help keep your home cleaner overall, so there is less dirt + crime to scrub when you clean. 

Swedish Dishcloths

Natural sponges and bamboo wipes are essential to keeping your home clean and reducing waste/plastics. Of these, Swedish dishcloths are an absolute favorite. Here’s why I LOVE Swedish dishcloths: they are non-scratch, odor resistant, and perfect for wiping down any surface, washing dishes, cleaning the bathroom, and mopping up spills. They can be washed up to 50x in the dishwasher or washing machine. Let them air dry and they will be good as new. They are also absorbent and safe for delicate surfaces like marble. And my favorite part - Swedish dishcloths are home compostable in 6-8 weeks and break down in 16 weeks in the landfill, making them zero waste. They work great and you can feel good about using them, plus they come in many different patterns and colors so you can find something that matches your style.. Win-win-win.

Swedish dishcloth with terracotta pattern on laying on wood surface

This curvy terracotta patterned Swedish dishcloth is featured in our Kitchen Gift Box.

Sweep Baskets

The sweep basket is an essential part of getting and keeping your home clean, especially if you have kids. Keep a large (and preferably attractive, so you don’t mind it sitting out) basket at the ready to do a daily or at least weekly sweep of your main living spaces. On this sweep, collect anything that doesn’t belong where it is and put it in the basket. Then enlist your family members to get the things in the basket back to their real home. This is great for decluttering flat surfaces (counter, coffee table, dining table) or for gathering up the inevitable drippings of “stuff” that kids somehow seem to trail behind them. Start your Spring Clean with a sweep, it will make the actual cleaning part easier.
This woven leather basket by Rejuvenation makes a great sweep basket.
These woven leather baskets by Rejuvenation make for a great sweep basket that is stylish and practical.


Garbage Disposal Detox

The garbage disposal does a lot of dirty work every day, so you can keep it clean and clog-free with lemons or limes. Cut your lemon or lime into wedges and put them into the disposal one by one with the water running. Voila! Clean and fresh smelling!

Room Refresh

Whether you clean or not, you can make every room feel fresh with our Everywhere Sprays. Use our Everywhere Spray to lightly spritz your linen closet, bedding, curtains or upholstered furnishings. Smells clean, even if you didn't. (Pro-tip: try French Laundry, Basil + Mint or Citron + Lavender for the best fresh.) You can also add a reed diffuser to your rooms for light background scent that will keep your rooms smelling fresh without any extra work. Typically we advise one diffuser for every 20-40 square feet of space. Keep in mind that diffusers are a light constant fragrance and not a strong hit of scent - but this allows you to layer candles with them for a stronger burst of fragrance when you want it.

Lemongrass + Palo Santo Everywhere spray minimal black bottle on green background

Go Natural

Try natural cleaners, which you can even make yourself! Check out our Home Cleaning Pinterest board to get natural cleaning recipes and hacks that you can try at home. We also love opening the windows and bringing in some fresh air. Even if it's still chilly out, you can open a door or window just a bit for 10-15 minutes and bring in fresh outdoor air to replace the stale winter blahs. As the temperature warms, spend at least an hour a day with a window open to bring fresh outside air in. Shop our Amazon list of our favorite Natural Home Cleaning products. (paid link)

Energy Cleanse

Cleanse your space with Palo Santo wood or a sage bundle, to clear out old energy and bring in the new. Here's a quick cleansing ritual using palo santo or sage bundles:

  1. Start with a simple intention of focusing on clearing the negative energy out of your space and mind. 
  2. Once your intention is in your mind, light the sage bundle or Palo Santo wood stick. Hold at a 45 degree angle pointing the tip down towards the flame. 
  3. Allow it to burn for 30 seconds and then blow it out.
  4. Walk through your space with the smoldering bundle or stick or place it on a fire-safe dish until it has cooled.
    Palo Santo wood stick laying on a book


      If you're ready to tackle a deep clean of your living space, download our free Spring Cleaning Checklist now!

      Spring cleaning checklist for lazy people


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