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Supporting PlayCleanGo to stop invasive species in their tracks

by Melissa Mroczek 01 Jun 2022

When I started Nomad, my vision was to build a company where money wasn't the sole driver, and the means mattered as much as the end. As such, everything we do is examined through the lens of impact to people, pets + planet. This means all products must be safe + healthy, made with intention, and foster everyday joy. Part of this approach is to support organizations in our community and in the world that focus on the means, as well as the end. Check out this month's partnership with NAISMA. 

XO - Melissa Mroczek, Founder / CEO


PlayCleanGo Awareness Week

June 4-11, 2022

This week, we are SO excited to launch a limited edition version of our Wash Ya Hands waterless sanitizing hand wash in partnership with NAISMA and the PlayCleanGo program - 700+ organizations across North America helping the public stop invasive species in their tracks.  

The fourth annual PlayCleanGo Awareness Week is June 4-11, 2022, across North America. The goal of Awareness Week is to show outdoor enthusiasts how to stop spreading invasive plants and pests — while enjoying the great outdoors. Outdoor recreationists play an important role in protecting our natural spaces. There are six easy tips for invasive species prevention:

  1. Clean your shoes, clothes, packs, and pets before and after exploring and stay on designated trails.
  2. Clean your horse’s hooves and feed them weed-free certified hay before your adventure.
  3. Clean, Drain, and Dry your watercraft and angling equipment to Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers!
  4. Don’t Move Firewood! Buy it where you burn it, buy certified heat-treated firewood, or gather on site when permitted.
  5. Before traveling to new areas, inspect and clean your trailers, off-road vehicles, and recreational vehicles with water or compressed air to remove mud, plant parts, and hidden pests.
  6. Take the PlayCleanGo Pledge and invite your family and friends to do the same at

To support this planet-friendly program, our Wash Ya Hands waterless sanitizing hand wash makes it easy to clean your hands and skin before and after exploring nature. Packaged in a reusable, refillable or recyclable shatter-resistant glass bottle, it's 2 oz size is easy to carry in your backpack, picnic basket or pocket. We'll even donate 20% of the revenue from the sale of this product to the PlayCleanGo program and North American Invasive Species Management Association (NAISMA). It's a win for all! Shop now, as this quantities are limited and this WILL sell out.

This week and beyond, show us how you protect nature from invasive species by following these six simple steps - and using our limited edition Wash Ya Hands - by snapping a photo and tagging @nomadwaxco and using the hashtags #PlayCleanGo and #PlayCleanGoWeek in your caption. 

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