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The Story of Nomad Wax Co.

by Melissa Mroczek 31 Jan 2020
Man, I love fragrance. Like LOVE, love them. I have been a die-hard candle burner and fragrance lover my whole life. I want them to smell amazing and also look good hanging out in my space. For me, scent is an important element in creating the feeling of home. Because homes evoke so many sensory memories - be they fresh-squeezed citrus, cherry blossoms, baked goods, bubbling curry, or fresh linen - finding THE scent can be emotional. From this frame of mind, I began the journey of building NOMAD.
It started with a tiny little spark of curiosity, as things of the creative sort often do. Which then led to experimenting, research, and encouragement from friends. As life so often does, a giant serving of shove-the-baby-bird-out-of-the-nest-before-she-is-ready was dished up, piping hot, and we were off and running.
mix of Nomad Wax natural soy candles on white table
There is so much satisfaction in the work of developing fragrances, mixing the wax and pouring these candles.
Now, here we are. A little company with a big dream to make luxuriously fragrant goods that are safe for people, pets + planet. Scents that enhance your regular everyday moments and instill lifetime sensory memories. Our phthalate-free fragrance blends have a distinctly modern flair with clean, botanical scents. Each blend is made from natural essential oils, safe synthetic fragrance and pure soy wax. No nasty chemicals, no phthalates, parabens, lead, or toxic gunk, because a healthy home is as important as a beautiful one. Each candle is mixed and hand-poured with care, attention and a blessing of love from our cozy studio in Omaha, Nebraska. It’s a deeply satisfying mix of chemistry, art and love.
Lit Nomad Wax Candle and glass bottle wood matches on hexagon tile
Signature Essentials collection from NOMAD Wax Col.
At NOMAD, our mission is to create healthy handmade goods to help you enjoy the everyday moments in life with style + humor. We want to give you packaging that looks and feels good, is safe for the planet, and deeply evocative scents that trigger emotion. Give us a try, we’re sure you won’t be disappointed and we hope you'll find the signature scent that makes your space feel like home. 
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