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Why does clean scent matter?

by Melissa Mroczek 22 Jan 2021

You see a lot of candle makers talking about why they use a certain wax, or what kinds of fragrances they use, but aren't sure why or if it should matter to you. We've got the answers for you!

People often ask how I got into this business, and it's a multi-part answer. The first is that I am an absolute scent-lover! I have always had a very astute nose - picking out scents when others couldn't even smell them - and been a lover of all fragrance. Some of my earliest memories include sampling ALL of my mom's perfume (Shalimar was an early favorite) frequently and sticking my head in the freezers at the grocery store because they had a very particular scent that I found pleasing. 

So suffice to say, I have always been a heavy fragrance product user. From candles, to sprays, to perfumes to soaps + bath salts, to beauty products, if it was scented, I was using it! When wall plug-ins came along, I was in heaven! I could pipe fragrance all around me, 24-7! And I did...oh, I did.

And then about nine years ago, after the birth of my third child, I started having minor  health issues. I was a very fit, athletic person who ate healthy, so it was concerning to me. The doctor had only broad information, they don't know a whole lot about what caused the issues, but I could try prescription pills or surgery. After hearing that, I took a deep dive into what causes the issues I was experiencing and how to "fix" it - specifically what I could do that didn't involve prescription medications or surgeries.

As with many things, it's a complex puzzle but I learned a lot about the role that chemicals in the things we use everyday can play in disrupting the normal functioning of body systems. Specifically, chemicals that cause endocrine disruption, such as phthalates. I knew of the harm found in some plastics from PCB, but was completely unaware of phthalates in scent. I have countless friends who have struggled with fertility issues, and two daughters of my own, so this topic really struck a nerve for me. I immediately wanted to know more.

As one of my favorite kids' books says, "if you give a mouse a cookie..." the more I learned, the more I wanted to learn, and the more I evaluated everything I chose to include in my lifestyle. It was a path that took several years and happened bit-by-bit, but I read labels of EVERYTHING. I stopped burning candles completely. I eliminated products that weren't phthalate-free. I got rid of plastics. I changed makeup/sunscreen/perfume/hair products. I reluctantly said goodbye to the wall plug-ins. I changed my cleaning products. I made more informed, conscious choices.

After a few years I really missed candles, so I began seeking out candle brands that were focused on using clean ingredients and that were phthalate-free. No big surprise, these weren't to be found in the big box chain stores. I had to look for them; they were made by smaller brands. They were carried in local boutiques or found online. I really liked that these candles were often handmade and supported small businesses. However, I couldn't always find the specific types of scents I loved. A couple years later, I started researching and experimenting with making my own candles that I knew were clean and could have the mix of scents I loved. I chose the vessels, I chose the wax, I chose the wicks, I chose the scent oils. Once I began selling candles, it was a short leap to make other scented products for home + body, and well, here we are. ALL. THE. THINGS. haha

What CLEAN means at Nomad Wax Co.

Labeling products as "clean" is a complex endeavor. For us, CLEAN means we eliminate all of the ingredients known to be unhealthy or toxic to humans, we avoid packaging that is harmful to the planet and choose greener, more sustainable options, and seek organic ingredients whenever available. We also focus on ethical suppliers and items manufactured in the USA whenever possible. We aren't perfect, but we are diligent and paying attention and continuously improving to make better choices and make our products as clean and healthy as we can, bit-by-bit. 


Now, nothing is perfect, and I know I am not 100% clean in everything that I come in contact with. I don't expect perfection, because life is an imperfect beast, but I can control the things I control, so that's what I do. As one of my all-time favorites, Maya Angelou, said, "Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better." Clean scent? I've got that under control and now so do you! 🖤




Cover photo by Sarah Dorweiler on Unsplash

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