Citron + Lavender Concentrated Oil Blend


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CITRON + LAVENDER is a fresh sunny flavor infused with pure essential oils of lemon, eucalyptus and violet and features notes of lavender and tonka bean for a soothing crisp scent.

Scent Profile:
Lemon / Eucalyptus / Lavender / Cedar -Fresh + Sunny

Product Details

Our concentrated oil blends can be used to refresh our wood or leather air fresheners, or in ambient ceramic, electric or ultrasonic diffusers to fill your space with enveloping fragrance. Meticulously handmade in our fragrance lab studio in Omaha, Nebraska. 


15 ml / 0.5 oz


Premium phthalate-free fragrance oils and essential oils are clean to use and create a powerful scent throw. The fragrance oils we use are organic (when available), phthalate-free and are never tested on animals. All our products are phthalate free, paraben-free, lead free, sulfate-free,  petroleum-free and vegan. 

Use + Care

To get the best results with our concentrated oils, we recommend the following:
  • AIR FRESHENERS: Add 1-3 drops to your Nomad Reusable Air Freshener to renew the scent. 

  • DIFFUSERS: Add a few drops of oil to your ceramic, electric or ultrasonic diffuser, following the usage instructions for your device. 

  • For 15 ml bottle with plug, you may need to gently shake to release oil drops.

  • For 30 ml bottle with dropper, squeeze dropper while in bottle to fill, remove from bottle and release drops by gently squeezing one drop at a time.

  • Not for use with reeds. Try our reed diffusers + refills

  • Not for use directly on body or skin. Oils are highly concentrated and may damage surfaces if spilled. Clean spills immediately.

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