Flower Market Everywhere Spray


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If you are looking for a light, fresh floral with a base of greenery, this is it. FLOWER MARKET is succulent fragrance with agave, orange and chrysanthemum essential oils and a base of musk, amber and fern. 

SCENT NOTES: Agave / Chrysanthemum / Fern / Amber / Musk
SMELLS LIKE: Lush + Green Floral
FEELS LIKE: Strolling hand-in-hand through the fresh cut flowers and leafy green plants of Le Marché aux Fleurs - the Paris Flower Market.

Our Everywhere Spray is suitable for body + home use. This refreshing scent spray is safe for use just about everywhere you can think of...on your body, in any room or on your linens. Our convenient bottle sizes easy to keep with you on-the-go or when traveling. 

Sizing Information

TRAVEL (2 oz): 2 fl oz that travel easily for when you need fresh scent on the go. Perfect companion to our reusable Air Fresheners

REGULAR (4 oz): 4 fl oz is your best-bet if you are a frequent sprayer, using daily for body, room and linens (hey, we get it).

REFILL (16 oz): Refill for the best value once you already have your preferred spritz bottle size.


Our convenient bottle sizes are easy to keep with you on-the-go or when traveling. Great for quickly freshening up bodies, bathrooms, bedrooms, hotel rooms, closets, towels, bed linens, sports bags and minimizing pet odors. The bottle can be reused and refilled with our Everywhere Spray refill.


Contains a blend of body-safe fragrance oils, pure essential oils, distilled water Vitamin E and organic cane alcohol. Phthalate-free, lead-free, petroleum-free, vegan and never tested on animals. Exception: may be known to scare away monsters & vampires at bedtime. 


    Our Everywhere Spray is not only perfect for cleaning up the air around you, it is also fabric and body safe for external use. Feel free to use liberally, although we do suggest testing on an inconspicuous area of fabric or skin first. If irritation occurs, discontinue use. To freshen any space or body, simply spritz 1-2 times, or more if the funk is real. When the scented goodness is gone, it’s time to refill! Happy spritzing!

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