Benson Soap Mill Vegan Bar Soap - 4 oz


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This all natural, handcrafted & cold processed soap is made in small batches using locally sourced and recycled ingredients from Nebraska farmers. All Benson Soap Mill soaps use only the ingredients listed on the label and only therapeutic grade essential oils. Made in Omaha, Nebraska.


Lavender:  light purple hue and a calming lavender essential oil scent. The list of benefits of lavender oil is endless, it acts as a bug repellent, sleep aid, calms anxiety, treats acne, improves muscle aches and blood circulation, also it has antiseptic and anti-fungal properties.
Pair with candle: Lavender + Cream

Fresh Citrus: Limited Edition bar looks exactly how it smells, light green with an earthy, citrusy scent. One of our personal favorites and perfect for the kitchen or shower when you have the blues. Lemon Verbena essential oil calms, sedates, counters stress, and for some it is an aphrodisiac.
Pair with candle: Citron + Lavender

Pine Tree: Seasonal scent combining two favorite essential oils, Texan Cedarwood and Scotch Pine to make a perfect manly scented or Holiday themed bar of soap. The two scents accent each other with the pine giving a pleasing high-note and the cedarwood giving a solid, woody, base-note. 
Pair with candle: Treeline

Camphor + Clove: This bar has a comforting and cozy smell that is woody and herbaceous and pairs well with the Activated Charcoal bar. Combining these two powerful essential oils you really get the best of both for a cleansing and moisturizing soap. The health benefits of clove oil can be attributed to its antimicrobial, antifungal, antiseptic, antiviral, aphrodisiac and stimulating properties. 
Pair with candle: Cheyenne Clove

Peppermint: A refreshing tingling sensation as the Peppermint Essential oil wakes you up and cleanses your body. Peppermint oil is ideal for those seeking to look and feel their best naturally. Peppermint tends to decrease the production of oil, resulting in less oily and clearer skin for the user as well as increases your blood circulation. Pair with candle: Snowmass

Patchouli Blend: A woodsy, earthy scent perfect for the hippie in all of us! A restorative, comforting scent meant to help you relax, rebalance and restore your sense of peace, calm and wholeness. 
Pair with candle: Ritual 02: Restore

Orange Blossom: Tea tree and blood-orange essential oils in a perfect ratio that isn't overpowering but pleasantly refreshing. Start your day off right with this bar of soap on your hands or in your shower for a nice lathering & moisturizing feel.
Pair with candle: White Sands

Eucalyptus + Rosemary: This is a perfect scent combination. You get the strong, lung clearing high notes of eucalyptus essential oil that are wonderfully balanced with the earthy and herbaceous scents of rosemary making a combination that is effective as hand soap or in the shower.  
Pair with candle: Rugged Terrain or Rosemary + Blood Orange

Activated Charcoal (unscented): This is a perfect soap for facial cleansing. It's unscented for sensitive skin and has quickly become one of our favorites for how it leaves your skin feeling after. Using cosmetic grade activated charcoal this soap has excellent exfoliating and deodorizing effects and helps heal tattoos very quickly! Pair with candle: Blackout


Product Details


Cold processed, small batch, vegan. Made by Benson Soap Mill in Omaha, Nebraska.


Sunflower, coconut + castor oils, sodium lactate, essential oils (vary by bar)

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4 oz bar

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