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For all the babes out there, a hit of Badass Babe vibe with a simple little spritz. If you're feeling powerful and generally BADASS, hit it with this spray. Or maybe you are feeling not-so-badass and need a pick-me-up...hit it with this spray. Made to enhance the vibe you've got or resurrect it when you're just not. A reminder that you are a BADASS BABE, comes in two vibrant scents and chic black, charcoal and gold label.

Scent Profile:
Citrus / Sea Salt / Plum / Amber - Seductive + Sexy

Jasmine / Sea Salt / Vetiver / White Musk

Our Everywhere Spray is suitable for body + home use. This refreshing scent spray is safe for use just about everywhere you can think of...on your body, in any room or on your linens. Our convenient bottle size is easy to keep with you on-the-go or when traveling. 

Sizing Information

REGULAR (4 oz): 4 fl oz is your best-bet if you are a frequent sprayer, using daily for body, room and linens (hey, we get it).

Product Details

The chic unisex black-on-black design is perfect for all. Our Everywhere Spray comes in a matte black glass bottle with a black mist sprayer and a minimal black and white label. Great for quickly freshening up bodies, bathrooms, bedrooms, hotel rooms, closets, towels, bed linens, sports bags and minimizing pet odors. Each bottle contains Amethyst chips to aid in mixing and add an extra boost of cleansing spiritual protection and purification. The bottle can be re-used and re-filled with our Everywhere Spray refill.


Contains a blend of body-safe fragrance oils, pure essential oils, distilled water, Vitamin E and organic grain alcohol. Phthalate-free, lead-free, sulfate-free, petroleum-free, vegan and never tested on animals. 

    Use + Care

    Our Everywhere Spray is not only perfect for cleaning up the air around you, it is also fabric and body safe for external use. Feel free to use liberally, although we do suggest testing on an inconspicuous area of fabric or skin first. If irritation occurs, discontinue use. To freshen any space or body, simply spritz 1-2 times, or more if the funk is real. When the scented goodness is gone, it’s time to refill! Happy spritzing!

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