French Laundry Luxury Reed Diffuser


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The fresh, clean goodness of our fragrances in a luxurious diffuser glass bottle. Love our scents but not-so-good with fire or need a flameless option? Our Reed Diffuser is the answer to your funky-odor-busting prayers!

Our fresh, clean sophisticated scent, FRENCH LAUNDRY is infused with basil and peppermint essential oils combined with an a base of french lavender blossom and crisp cucumber with a subtle hint of sea salt. A quintessential "Spring Cleaning" fragrance.

SCENT NOTES: Basil / Mint / Cucumber / French Lavender
SMELLS LIKE: Clean + Energizing
FEELS LIKE: Clean laundry on the clothesline in the sunny Provencal countryside.


Product Details

The 8 oz luxury clear glass bottle is perfect for larger spaces at home, in retail or commercial environments, to freshen hotel rooms, and to knock out office or - ahem - restroom funk. A robust fragrance experience. Our refreshing diffuser scents are safe for use in settings where a flame isn’t practical (or allowed). Carefully hand-blended to ensure that the scent is robust & consistent, our diffusers will fill your space with enveloping fragrance. Packed in a reusable glass vessel, the minimal modern design looks as great as it smells. Meticulously handmade in our studio in Omaha, Nebraska.

Sizing Information

LARGE (8 oz):  Best for larger spaces or if you want more scent. Comes with 10 white Dacron reeds.


Contains our custom blend of body-safe pure essential oils, fine fragrance oils and non-toxic reed diffuser base (alcohol-free + vegan). NOMAD diffusers are 100% phthalate free,  paraben-free, lead free, petroleum free and vegan. Our ingredients are never tested on animals.  

Diffuser Use + Care

To get the best results and longest life from your diffuser, we recommend the following:

Flip the reeds every week or two to refresh the scent. Lasts 3-4 months. The more reeds you use, the stronger the scent; we suggest at least 4 for optimal scent throw. May be known to ward off ill-tempers and stress headaches.

Refill or Repurpose Diffuser Vessels

When empty, the diffuser bottle can be rinsed + repurposed as a bud vase or refilled and reused with our diffuser refill.

You can also return your vessel to us for a refill of the same scent or a discount off the purchase of a new product!

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